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22 August
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My Name is irrelevant. Well, no it really isn't, but I just felt like being a non-conformist from the start of this thingy thing. I'm heading off to highschool next year, and life will get even more interesting. It seems as though my peers are progressively getting dumber as the years go on. I doubt they'll improve in highschool. Minus the farting, or maybe not. If I feel as though I may be worth your time, and vise-verse, I'll add you to be my friend. Ok, now kids, if you don't like this, click the little "x" on the top right hand corner of your screen, and do like most american's do, and fuck off.

...I can smell your brains.

I... i wanna fuck a dog in the ass... He wants to fuck a dog in the ass.. I wanna fuck a dog.. Thats right kids.. -Blink 182's Fuck a Dod